Received New Job with Promotion and Pay Raise During COVID-19

At the beginning of 2020, I listened to the sermons where Pastor Prince unveiled the theme of the year and believed the Lord for a promotion in the year of time and space. When COVID-19 hit, my company laid off a few employees and reduced my salary by 10 percent. At that point, I became discouraged about the possibility of getting a promotion that year, especially since I was promoted just the year before.

However, during the online Sunday services, I heard testimonies of others getting promotions and raises. I also read similar testimonies online. These testimonies encouraged me, and I began to declare that as others were experiencing blessings in the year of time and space, I, too, would be a partaker.

To build my faith, I began listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons on righteousness, favor, faith, restoration, and rest. I also often listened to his sermon The Lord of Time and Space—Part 2 in which he preached on God being able to accelerate time for us. After Pastor Prince preached on how speaking in tongues edifies our whole body, I also began praying in tongues more.

In September 2020, I began to have conversations with my manager about a promotion to director as my job responsibilities had grown. However, every time I brought the topic up, the idea of a promotion was shot down. The CEO said that I wouldn’t be promoted until April 2021.

I continued to believe that I would get a promoted in the year of time and space. I recalled Pastor Prince saying the facts will always bow to the truth. I also believed I would receive the spoils of war like how King Jehoshaphat in the Bible did and simply focused on worshiping the Lord and His love for me.

In November, Pastor Prince began to pray for increased favor upon our lives at the end of an online service. I began to confess that God’s favor would qualify me for a promotion. In the same month, 3 recruiters contacted me and invited me to apply for jobs.

God gave me so much favor with my top-choice company, and they offered me a job within 2 weeks of my application. The Lord also gave me favor during the offer negotiation, and I was offered a salary that was 25 percent higher than my current pay.

When I told my manager I was considering the offer, my company offered to promote me to a director with a direct report and matched the competing offer by offering a 25 percent raise as well. My CEO even called to convince me to stay with the company. As the new opportunity didn’t come with the title of director that I’d prayed for, I declined the offer and opted to stay with my current company.

But that same week, the CEO of my top-choice company called and asked me to reconsider my decision, saying that everyone really wanted me to join the team. Then, without me asking, he offered me the title of senior director and increased my salary, bringing the total raise to a 30 percent increase.

This time before I accepted, I made sure to listen to sermons on wisdom and ask for counsel. Ultimately, I accepted the offer at the new company and have been filled with joy and peace about my decision.

I’m so grateful to the Lord for accelerating time for me by giving me this promotion, but also reversing time for me when I made the wrong choice, even causing my mistake to work together for my good. I also thank God for restoring my career as I had previously been mistreated at other companies.

Oregon, United States