Refreshed And Incredibly Blessed By God's Lavish Grace

Earlier this year, my husband was watching the Trinity Broadcast Network and came across Destined To Reign. After watching it for a few days, he said, “Nicole, come watch this guy.” Wow! What can I say? You were teaching about grace versus law and we were mesmerized. After watching a few more days, we saw the promotional for Condemnation Kills But The Spirit Gives Life, so we ordered it. It was amazing!

All of a sudden, we could see the root cause of the problems we were experiencing and it made complete sense. Best of all, the glorious solution is in experiencing God's lavish grace WITHOUT mixture!

We've since bought several more DVDs and your books and loaned them to friends. The response has been incredible! Every time Jeff and I give one of your books or devotionals as a gift, the recipient says it's amazing!

We have shared your teaching with so many friends and relatives that a small Bible study group has sprung up in our home as a result. My friends are now telling their friends and it's the same response most of the time (the exception being the legalist).

Over and over again, when we asked people if they would go to a church started here by New Creation Church, they would answer, “In a heartbeat!” I'm telling you, people are desperate to hear the good news. I have heard the word "refreshed" more in the last two months than I have in the last 20 years after sharing your teachings with people.

My husband and I have been recording your television sermons for our personal use and have since purchased more of your teaching DVDs. We watch Destined To Reign together every morning and then many times end up studying and discussing the Bible together for another hour after that. We are both so incredibly blessed because of this time of fellowship together with God. All I know is that when I didn't get together for a Bible study one week, my friends ended up calling me on my cell phone and we spent three hours doing a Bible study over the phone.

After 13 years as a chemical engineer, I quit my job because it was sucking the life out of me. For the last seven years, I've stayed home with our three children and when they were at school, I would study the Bible. Jeff and I taught the High School Sunday school class for three years as volunteers and for four years, I taught at a Bible study for ladies. Jeff is heading up the Audio/Video Technical Ministries in our church. I kept telling Jeff that I wanted to go to a Bible college, but we didn't know how to make it happen. Now, when I watch and study one of your teaching DVDs, I feel like I'm in Bible school, one that teaches the Word of God without compromise. I LOVE being in school!

I cannot even fully express my enormous gratitude to you and your church for having the courage to preach and teach the true gospel of grace. Jeff and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We pray God's abundant and lavish blessing on you, your beautiful family and all our brothers and sisters in Christ over in Singapore.

Jeff and Nicole Shope
South Carolina, United States