Reinstated With Better Salary With Revelation Of Grace

Six years ago, I landed a teaching position at a Christian school, my first ever. I was hesitant and unsure at first, having never taught at a Christian school, but was quickly befriended by another staff member. I quickly followed church protocol and non-denominational services, receiving the blood of Jesus Christ and experiencing the “flow” of the Holy Spirit.

Three years later, because our church had built our building in the Northwest, the school staff faced some serious challenges. Budgets didn’t come into line and the administration of the school began asking faculty to cut back on hours worked in an attempt to corral expenses. I was asked to go part-time. Believing that the Father has my best interest at heart, I relegated and stepped down even though we really couldn’t afford it as we were in a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Not knowing how and where my next opportunity would come from, my wife and I began searching and praying, and attending church for the next three years. We had a modest income (from my wife), but we had debt and bad times in our economy were not offering up opportunities like before.

One day, during those three long years of searching for employment, I remember tuning into Daystar and I coming across a pastor who spoke really fast. He spoke about “grace” and genuinely moved my heart with Scripture and with understanding. He painted a lovely picture of Jesus and His plans and help during such a season.

Your sermons (which I rarely miss) have presented a new perspective for my wife and me. We receive a fresh knowledge and revelation of our Lord and Savior and what He has done for us every day. Thank you, Pastor Prince.

Yesterday, I received a contract from the same school for reinstatement, a new position and better salary. I am truly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved! But here’s the best part—the new principal is a great follower of your ministry. He has read and reread Destined To Reign and Unmerited Favor and we had such a ball talking about the books! And he intends to institute your teachings and have the faculty pray and expound the message of grace in our daily prayer sessions. HOW BLESSED AM I!

I am eternally grateful to you and your church staff for putting something so “earth shaking” together for us in Tacoma, Washington. One more thing: I was passing out your CDS to some believers around my area, and everyone without fail went to your website and some bought books, some CDs and others just want to know more. Every morning, I receive your Daily Grace Inspirations and I forward them to as many people that need to hear what God has for them. It’s AMAZING!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, and New Creation Church. May the good Lord continue to bless your ministry and please continue to put out those awesome DVDs, CDs and books! We can't get enough of the grace that is being poured out right now! Thank You, Father God!

Toru Garofalo
Washington, United States