Relationship with Daughters Restored Through God’s Grace

My children were raised in a Christian home and saved at a young age. A couple of years ago my 20-year-old daughter left home, stopped communicating with our family, and ventured into drugs, cults, and other inappropriate behaviors. She was also suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. It was devastating to see her like that because if you knew her, she was the sweetest, most beautiful daughter anyone could ask for.

My younger daughter was also going through a lot in school and was acting out, lying constantly, sneaking around, and participating in harmful behaviors. They both wanted nothing to do with the things of God and were putting themselves and their family in danger. It was so sad and discouraging. I love them both and want the best for them, to live free from the constant hurt and pain. It seemed like my relationship with them had been damaged and irreversibly broken.

I wrote in to Pastor Prince’s ministry a few times, asking for prayer for my daughters. I prayed for protection, healing, restoration, and deliverance for them and our family. I believed that despite their behaviors and what they believed about themselves, they were still the righteousness of God in Christ—redeemed, forgiven, and cleansed! I pleaded the blood of Jesus over them and declared for their hearts to turn back to God and their family.

The Lord answered our prayers and restored our relationships! My daughters and I now have better relationships than before. We communicate honestly, love each other, and most importantly, we simply rest in Jesus’ love. I know it was by God’s grace that our relationships have been restored.

I continue to believe the Lord for more and more favor in this area, and I continue to declare more blessings in our relationships with each other and with all we come in contact with.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your amazing ministry full of love and the beautiful grace of God!

Georgia, United States