Relieved Of Skin Affliction

I used to be afflicted with a skin condition all over my back, chest, and outer thighs. I’d prayed for it to go away and was healed on my back and chest but there were still large patches on both my outer thighs. For years, I prayed and used creams and lotions but it just seemed like I was going to have those patches forever.

Then one day, I read Pastor Prince’s testimony about his skin affliction on his back and it dawned on me that Daddy God was trying to tell me something! So just like Pastor Prince did, I took the Holy Communion and believed that my healing had already been accomplished and completed.

A few months went by and nothing changed. All this while, the enemy tried to make me feel like a fool by telling me that whatever I believed in was useless and that God had forgotten about me. But through it all, my Lord Jesus held me strong! Every time I looked down at the patches on my thighs, I would continue to believe that I have received my healing and that the patches were gone.

Recently, I looked at my thighs and realized that those patches were almost gone! It was so amazing! I was so shocked and I began to worship the Lord and thank Him for His goodness! I said, “Now, I have great skin just like You, Lord Jesus!”

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry! It is truly a light in this dark and evil world! I watch your program on Trinity Broadcasting Network and Daystar every day and when I get your magazines in the mail, it is like Christmas! I cannot wait to read the messages and the blessings that my brothers and sisters have received.

Pastor, I appreciate you so much and am praying for you always! Keep preaching! Keep spreading the joy and the light of our Lord Jesus and the love of our Father God! You, your family, and your church are amazing! I pray that one day, I will be able to go to Singapore and fellowship with you all! Love you and God bless!

Whitney Jones
Missouri, United States