Restoration In Marriage And Falling In Love All Over Again

My wife loves to hear you teach on God's Word and she has gotten me hooked on your teachings as well. I was one of those Christians who loved the Lord and knew verses of Scripture. But I didn't really understand how to apply the finished work of Jesus to my life.

I had made some bad decisions for the family in terms of my income. As a result, I found myself operating out of fear. I tried to make things work and I didn't count on God to lead me. This approach took a toll on my marriage. My wife and I weren't facing divorce and there was no third party involved, but my wife felt that she had to know I loved God and that I was going to submit to Him. That, she said, was the main reason she married me some 22 years ago. She wanted a separation for a period of time so that I could work out my direction with God and have no distractions.

Well, to make a long story short, your teachings (on laboring to enter God's rest and meditating to release the power of God's Word) helped to get me back on track and repaired the rift in my marriage.

God did a quick work in a very short period of time—about three to four weeks. I would never want to do anything to lose my wife. I now understand more than ever that she is a gift from God. My wife and I are again becoming best friends. We have opened up the lines of communication. I am falling in love again.

This was confirmed again in a teaching where you spoke briefly about being led by the Holy Spirit—how the Holy Spirit would cause you to fall in love with your spouse all over again. Pastor Prince, I just wanted to thank you for your hunger and love for understanding the relationship between the work on the cross and God's love for us under grace.

Larry Williams
New York, United States