Reunited, Dating Again When You Let God Do The Work

I have been recording daily on my DVR Pastor Prince' broadcast program, Destined To Reign. His teachings are transforming my life.

My husband and I were divorced more than five years ago. I started standing on God's Word for our marriage to be restored. Pastor Prince's teachings have helped my faith so much. Two sermons that stand out are, If It's A Miracle You Need, It's A Miracle You'll Get—If You Remain In Peace, and the one about resting—when we work, God rests, but when we rest, God works!

I had to stop trying to win my husband back, and trust God and relax, and let Him do the work. Two months ago, my husband and I reunited. We are dating again!

Last week, we attended a class together to become members of a church we have both been attending! Praise the Lord! Your Daily Grace Inspirations are also a blessing! Thank you for this wonderful ministry of grace!

Alecia Carrere
West Virginia, United States