Reunited with Daughter After Early Release from Prison

I was in federal prison serving a 10-year sentence. When I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday, she replied, “For you to come home.”

This broke my heart because I couldn’t do anything about my release date. I had already been believing the Lord for an early release since I first got indicted but it hadn’t happened.

To get out of prison early is every prisoner’s dream. I would tell anyone who asked me when I was getting released that I was getting out any day now, even though there was nothing in the natural to suggest that. And there was nothing in Scripture that said that specifically. I just believed that my God loved me and wanted me back with my daughter.

The Holy Spirit led me to the Gentile woman who had great faith (Mark 7), and the Lord showed me how He can reverse, accelerate, and manipulate time. So I released my faith and asked Him to reverse time for me.

Guess what—I was released early— a few months before her birthday, got a decent job almost immediately, and was able to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with her!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your obedience to your calling. I would not be where I am today if I had not encountered your television program.

Martell Watkins
Michigan, United States