Enjoying Renewed Relationship with God, Healed of Toothache

I started watching Joseph Prince in 2015 by accident when my television cable channels went down in a storm, and I had to re-tune all my channels. When it updated, it added Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and Joseph Prince was on. It was strange for me to receive an English network as I live abroad in Spain. What caught my attention was hearing the word grace, as it is my daughter’s name. She had recently left to go to university in London, and after 17 years of just the two of us together, I was feeling so sad and alone—she is my world.

I was glued to Pastor Prince’s broadcast for days and felt myself being lifted every time I listened. I was amazed at his teaching of the gospel of grace as I had no idea that was Christianity! When I was young, I didn’t like religion and didn’t see its relevancy in my life when I became a teenager. I tried to read the Bible but didn’t understand any of it.

After watching Pastor Prince for some days, I went to a charity book shop in my local village and bought an old, used English Bible. When I got home and began to read it, the whole Bible just opened up to me. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t understood the Bible before. My eyes were truly opened. There and then, alone in my apartment, I asked the Lord to forgive me and got saved. I felt such peace and an unburdening of many years of turmoil, negativity, loneliness, and confusion.

Many things happened to me over the next few years. I found inner joy, new friendships, work, and a church community. I loved studying the Bible, and the Lord kept me close. I started praying daily and felt so kept and protected. I also started seeing transformation in my character, emotions, and outward behavior in many incredible ways.

I continued listening to Pastor Prince, but a couple years ago, I began to study more theology and doctrine and stopped watching his sermons. I thought I was becoming a Bible scholar. But I felt burdened and heavy that I could not do enough for the Lord. I became legalistic, self-righteous, and had a critical spirit toward other believers.

After a difficult 2020, I lost my job, car, apartment, and faced a lot of readjustments. Even though I read my Bible daily and watched many sermons, it all felt unjoyful, and the love I felt for the Lord wasn’t as prominent anymore. I felt like God was distant and displeased with me, and it worried me.

In June 2021, I remember thinking, Where was the joy I felt when I first heard the gospel? This drew me to Psalm 51:12 where David cried out, “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation.” That night before going to bed, I saw a live broadcast of Joseph Prince on YouTube and started listening to it. I’m so thankful I did! Immediately I felt my spirit leap as I heard the gospel of grace. I felt the Lord’s love and undeserved favor toward me.

The Lord is so good. He led me back to Pastor Prince to free me from a condemning and religious spirit under law and works. My relationship with the Lord has been renewed, and I feel so at peace and strengthened despite all the turmoil, uncertainty, and chaos we are seeing in the world now.

During Pastor Prince’s online service 2 weeks ago, he prayed for someone with intense pain in their tooth and upper jaw, declaring the Lord was healing them. I had been suffering from the most awful toothache for months and was not seeing any healing or improvement. It really flared up and was affecting my eating and mood. I leaped up as I knew the prayer was for me. The pain eased and was completely gone by the end of that morning!

Pastor Prince, your messages helped to change my life all those years ago and have restored my life again. Thank you for all you do with your wonderful live broadcasts, which have been so encouraging, accurate, and spirit-filled.

The Lord truly restored me to the joy of His salvation by healing me and placing me under the message of His love and blessings for me.

Elaine O’Connell

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