Set Free From Living A Christian Life Of 'Mixture'

I am a 61-year-old grandmother and have been a Christian for 35 years. I am also a severely hearing-impaired English teacher in a school in Toledo, Ohio. I lost my hearing in 1969, right after the birth of my first child.

I first began listening to your messages when I accidentally discovered your broadcast while surfing the television channels one Sunday morning. At first, I assumed that you were just a “run of the mill” evangelical preacher. I don't know why I continued to listen to you because my habit was to just click off TV preachers. However, the Holy Spirit began to touch my heart as I listened to your words. They were fire to my spirit. I hung on to your every word as you spoke about God's grace.

For 35 years as a Christian, I had been very hard on myself and hard on others. I had been living a life of "mixture" and didn't realize it. I couldn't get enough of your teachings. I devoured them and shared my new found revelation with my friends, sister and mother. I felt like I had been born again and again. I fell in love with Jesus all over again as I listened to you unveil Him in all His glory.

It has been two years now that I have been watching you on TV (my TV has closed-captions) and DVDs, listening to your CDs and reading your books. I get up every morning at 5am to watch your program before I leave for school. I am also taking Communion daily, anointing my ears with oil and confessing, "By the stripes of Jesus I am healed."

I thank you, Pastor Prince, for listening to God's commission to preach the gospel of grace. You have blessed me so much because now I finally understand who I am in Christ and that I am highly favored, greatly blessed and deeply loved.

May our Lord Jesus continue to bless New Creation Church and your entire ministry.

Nancy Mihalik
Ohio, United States