Set Free from Sexual Addictions, Marriage Improved

I am a mother of 2, born and brought up in a Christian home. At the age of 8, I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and was baptized. I received the gift of tongues and prophesying at a very young age, and even prophesied to people who have become pastors today.

However, during my youth, I lived in sin, partying and sleeping around with people. I was smoking and drinking, and even smoking weed regularly. I thought I had no hope and hit rock bottom. Outwardly I was fine but inwardly I was broken. I was also hurting people who came my way.

Yet God was gracious to me and brought me to a wonderful Christian man. We got married in 2011 and God’s blessings continued to pour forth. In 2014, I had a beautiful daughter and bought a new house. Not only that, I got a coveted job as an economist with the government. God also took away my smoking habit. During this time, I read the book Destined to Reign and even shared it with my brother who was transformed after reading it.

However, in 2015 things took a turn for the worse. I was arguing with my husband all the time. A colleague of mine got close to me and I began to lust after him. I was tempted to have an affair with him, but God pulled me back. I cried out to the Lord and the lust disappeared completely. I sought forgiveness from my husband and we moved on.

But I did not learn my lesson well. After a few years, I started watching pornography a lot. My husband disliked it and said it was wrong, but he was loving and did not condemn me. Most men would have left a woman like me. Only God could give me a godly man who would not leave me.

I was addicted to porn even while being pregnant with my second child. I justified it by blaming the hormones. But I prayed and God took away the addiction.

After my son was born, I tried to have sex with my husband but all I could see were the images of porn. I couldn’t get excited if I didn’t think of myself in those scenarios. So I did not want to have sex anymore and I stopped. I prayed that the images would go away and asked God to rewire me to have sex the way He intended.

Recently, I got hold of the book Live the Let-Go Life. Through reading the book, God has rewired me to an extent that I do not even have images of porn in my head anymore. Now, instead of porn, I spend all my time listening to the Word of God, reading Pastor Prince’s books, listening to his sermons, and reading the Bible and praying.

I no longer harbor resentment toward my husband. We rarely argue. If we did, I would apologize first. My kids are so happy. Now we spend quality family time eating and praising God together.

I also used to be very anxious and defeated. I suffered from low self-esteem and had constant back pain. But my back pain has disappeared, and I am content, at peace, and feel secure. The sins I have committed are numerous but His grace washes over them all. I know that I am the Lord’s beloved and the Lord is with me and my family.

Pastor Prince, thank you for taking a stand in Christ and preaching the truth. It has truly set me free.

United Kingdom