Set Free from Sin, No More Condemnation

I was involved in an adulterous relationship for 5 years. I was born again and knew it was wrong, yet I couldn’t get out of it. I was trapped in the relationship physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The more I tried to get out of it, the more I got entangled in it. I even became pregnant and got an abortion out of fear. The guilt and condemnation I felt took away my peace.

Then, one of my friends sent me a video of one of Pastor Prince’s sermons. It was a short clip but it spoke volumes to me. I started looking up more of his teachings. At times, it sounded too good to be true, but Pastor Prince always backed up his statements with scriptures so I was assured they were based on the Word of God. I started confessing that I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

More than once, I heard Pastor say that a true believer is not happy to stay in sin and how only grace can us get out of the dominion of sin. He was describing my struggle—I would break up with this man a number of times but would always end up going back to him.

Then one day I heard Pastor Prince sharing about how we can pray for God to help us end bad relationships. When I heard this, I prayed the same thing. I told God, “Lord, I cannot break this relationship. You break it for me.”

Meanwhile I kept listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons to build up my faith and to be free from the guilt and condemnation I was going through. I learned about God’s forgiveness and of the Father’s love for me. Every time Pastor Prince spoke about adultery, something would stir within me.

It didn’t happen immediately, but one day we had a very ugly fight and our relationship ended. I have been set free from that relationship since then and no longer feel guilt or condemnation.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching Jesus in such a beautiful way. I am enjoying all the blessings of the righteous One. All glory and honor to God alone!

Alisha Dsa