Relationship with Son Improved

I felt in my spirit that something was wrong between my youngest son and me. I had been dealing with so much stress in my job and marriage but I thought all was well with my son. But 2 days after he graduated, I felt a huge heaviness and began talking to him.

I found out that for years he felt unloved and thought he would have been better off dead. That devastated me so much. I thought I was a good mom but I didn’t see that he needed more. I always pray for my kids but I wasn’t there when he needed me the most.

My son attended MegaFest in 2017 and when Pastor Prince said “God loves you,” he finally felt loved and that changed his life. Since then we have been growing closer because God has allowed us to talk and pray together. Had it not been for God and His Holy Spirit quickening my heart to talk to my son, he would have moved away and we would have become estranged.

Pastor Prince, thank you for being obedient to God. Your messages have impacted my marriage and my family. We are so much better than we were before, and we can only become closer and better. God bless you.

Oklahoma, United States