Sister Healed Of Polyp In Ear

I am a pastor’s son and was raised in a Christian environment my whole life. I was very rebellious in my teen years and even into my early twenties. I am now 25 and find myself captivated by God’s amazing grace!

Today, I am preaching God’s grace (inspired by Joseph Prince Ministries) in my church. I can’t get enough of His grace and this ministry has been such a blessing to me, especially Joseph’s book, Destined To Reign.

Even my sister who is handicapped was just healed of a polyp in her ear. After reading the book and listening to Joseph every day, I was so confident that the Lord would heal her even after I heard the doctor’s diagnosis. My mother and I laid hands on her and she was healed! The cat scan came back showing no polyp! Praise God!

I can’t thank God enough for this ministry. It is much needed in the body of Christ. I call it a GRACE AWAKENING! HALLELUJAH!

Joshua Holohan
New York, United States