Son Escaped Unscathed After Nose Wheel of Plane Gave Way During Training

My family and I have been attending New Creation Church [in Singapore] for almost 4 years now. 10 months ago, my son who was just 17-years-old joined a flying school just outside of Dallas, Texas in the United States. The first thing we did was to make sure he attended Grace Revolution Church so that he can listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons and get a feel of home.

Recently, he was on one of his training flights with his instructor and was coming in for a landing when the nose wheel of the plane gave way and came through the cockpit. The nose wheel hit the windscreen, shattering it into pieces. The plane then skidded 652 feet on the runway before it came to a complete stop. My son and his instructor managed to run out of the cockpit before it caught fire.

Both of them came out of the plane without even a scratch on them. It can only be the hand of the Lord that protected my son.

Every day before he flew, we would pray over a video call. He would carry the Psalm 91 card from church in his pocket and recite the psalm before every flight. At times, we would also partake of the Communion together. He would also apply anointing oil on himself. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for always praying for our protection.

Rochelle Meegolle