Son with Special Needs Finds Job, Housing

For nearly 18 years, my wife and I have been raising our son with special needs. It was very challenging and expensive raising and caring for him.

Our child has a severe learning disability that requires a lot of attention and repetition. In addition to this, we also have 3 other school-aged children. Raising 4 children with one having a severe learning disability was so challenging that I was always stressed and burned out.

To make a long story short, we found a housing community that trains, educates, and houses people with learning disabilities. This community provides housing, jobs, field trips, and 24-hour care with transportation to and from various activities. This place also has live-in staff to help with financial planning and life skills.

My wife and I contacted this place over a year ago. They told us there were 7,000 people on the waiting list. The average time for someone to be placed in this community is about 4 to 5 years. I was depressed and frustrated.

But last January, I came across Pastor Prince’s new year message on The Year of Rest and Acceleration. In that message, Pastor Prince told us to put Jesus back into the center of our lives and watch how fast things will happen. We put Jesus back in the center of our lives with daily praise and worship, thanksgiving, Bible reading, and listening to Pastor Prince on YouTube.

I’m nearly crying with joy as I write this. Ten months later, this special-needs housing community contacted us and said our son’s name came up in their system for an immediate placement. Our son has moved in and now has a job and is really enjoying himself!

Thank You, Jesus, for using Pastor Prince to minister that timely word to us. We are now faith partners of this ministry and listen daily. Hallelujah!

Jerry L.
Georgia, United States