Stable Salary, Blessed Job Position

My family has been viewing your broadcasts, listening to your sermons and reading your books for a few years now. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen Jesus through your ministry and as a result, have had a renewal in our souls and felt like we were born again, again.

My wife and I were both spirit-filled. We believed in the Word and exercised our faith but we were still not seeing victory in everyday life. After watching your broadcasts on weekdays, we began to believe in the love of our heavenly Father. Your teaching DVD, See The Father’s Love For You, is dynamic.

Last year, I was in need of a job after not receiving payment for one month for my work. My wife and I began to pray in tongues about the job and after a few days, I opened the phone book and randomly called a roofing company (my profession). They asked me where I saw their ad for the foreman position. I told them that I hadn’t seen any ad but merely looked in the phonebook.

I met with the owner of the company and found out later that he is a spirit-filled Christian who loves Jesus, which is a relief. The roofing profession for the market pays hourly based on the work that’s available and varies from season to season, but the owner said, “I’m not like other bosses, I’m going to pay my guys salary.”

Now, after having been there for only six months, I’ve received an increase in pay by $5 an hour! The average company asks for a degree and I don’t have any college education. We’re also looking into building a home.

I know without any doubt that this is God’s favor in my life. Believing in the forgiveness that the blood of Jesus provided is the foundation to every miracle. We thank the Lord Jesus for His favor in our lives!

Thank you and your family for standing for the gospel of Christ and preaching the truth.

Joey Reyes
Texas, United States