Stolen Valuables Returned By Frightened Thief

One night in August 2014, my brother took my laptop into his room located on the ground floor of our house. He fell asleep without locking the door, allowing a thief to enter the house in the middle of the night.

My laptop, laptop charger, mouse, camera, and my brother’s mobile phone were stolen. The total worth of the items was over US$2,000.

I was extremely upset and I wept for three days. My collection of Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermons in my laptop was gone and I did not have a backup. I loved listening to them daily and they ministered to me whenever I was in real need. The sermons even amounted to more than any other data in my laptop and were like treasures to me. A new laptop would not have them.

My pastor, my family, and I prayed to retrieve the stolen items. My mom even prayed that the Lord would put fear in the thieves’ hearts for committing this theft so that they would return our things. Three days later—on my brother’s birthday—we managed to retrieve all the items! My mother and I were so elated that we jumped for joy.

This was what happened: The thief called my brother on the phone and told him to pick up the stolen items at a park near our house. He said he had met with an accident after stealing our things and feared that much worse things would happen to him if he did not return them. He also requested us not to report the incident to the police.

My family and I were amazed at what Jesus had done. People who knew about this incident told us that ordinarily, we would not have been able to get our items back even if we had gone to the police. This was because the stolen items would have been sold for profit right after the theft.

I rejoice in the Lord because what had seemed impossible became possible even when we did not expect our prayers to be answered so quickly. Since then, I have named my laptop “Miracle,” because it was indeed a miracle that our items were restored to us so supernaturally! God had truly heard our prayers.

It has been a year since the incident and each time I see my laptop, I see the goodness of Jesus. Praise God for this wonderful miracle in my life. I’m so glad that I can continue to listen to your grace messages from the same laptop. God bless you and your family, Pastor Prince!

Kalpana B

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