Studying for Exams Easy and Restful

Pastor Prince, I have seen the hand of God all over my examinations. It was wonderful!

First, I had so much peace after I told God I was putting my exams under Him. My friends were panicking a month before the exams, but I was able to revise each paper with ease. When my friends complained of fatigue, I felt my strength renewed and refreshed daily.

Secondly, I’d told God to help me read only what is relevant for the exams since I was working and didn’t have time to read everything. That was exactly what He did and I was able to answer the questions for my papers.

What was most amazing was when I bumped into my lecturer a day before her paper. My friend and I asked her a question and she took time to revise the answer with us even though she was heading somewhere. And guess what? Everything that she said was relevant and useful for the next day’s paper. God is amazing!

I remember an article I read where you had written that rest is not inactivity but Holy Spirit directed activity. This is what I have been experiencing. I have been working hard and I have been effective. Thank you, Pastor Prince. Your messages have transformed my life. God bless you!

Irene Mukumu