Take No Thought For Tomorrow, My Grace Is Sufficient For You

I worked in a manufacturing plant as a production supervisor and was laid off in January 2010. As I was led into the human resource office to be told the news, I heard in my heart, "All things work together for my good." After the news was delivered, I rose up and told them that this was going to work together for my good. I am a divorcee and mother of two teens. I was the sole provider for my household, or so I thought.

I continued to concentrate on the grace of God that has been given to us as believers and I taped your program every day. I watched it non-stop and I even kept it going while I was asleep. The love of my heavenly Father and Jesus became so true in my heart that I just knew that everything was going to be fine. Whenever the bills were due, I would hear Him tell me, “Take no thought for tomorrow, My Grace is sufficient for you.” Sure enough, everything always worked out fine.

In July, I was offered a position as a manufacturing supervisor for about the same pay as I was making in my last assignment, but I just knew in my heart that that was not the position I wanted. I had prayed and asked the Lord for a position as a human resource manager, so I turned the position down.

In November, the CEO of that organization called me and stated that she was looking through the former human resource manager's desk and came across my résumé. She said that she knew it was a divine appointment because she had decided that she was not going to fill the position until January 2011, but she wanted to interview me. At my interview, she hired me on the spot—she said that the Lord had sent me to her. When she asked about my salary expectations and I answered, she responded by saying that she was going to give me significantly more than what I wanted. Praise the Lord. I am now employed in my dream job and I know the Lord sent me here. It's wonderful.

I just wanted to share my testimony to encourage those who are unemployed that they should truly make their request known to God and let the peace of God guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. May our heavenly Father continue to bless your ministry.

Adrian Speller
Virginia, United States