Taking Communion Nightly, Blood Pressure Normalized

Ever since we watched your DVD album, Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion, my husband and I have started taking Communion every night. We started last Friday, 3 June 2011. We experienced the power and strong presence of Jesus after we partook of the bread and wine. It moved my husband and me to tears. Such joy and love filled our hearts. Such tremendous peace enveloped our beings. We have never experienced such closeness to Abba Father and Jesus until we came to understand the meaning of the bread and wine.

On Saturday, I was so excited because I received in the mail your DVD on the anointing oil. I was so happy because I found a bottle of organic olive oil in our pantry. So that evening, we watched your teaching on the anointing oil and followed your prayer to set apart the oil as holy anointing oil. Then, we took Communion and started anointing ourselves by applying the oil on our bodies (on joints with pain). We also anointed every room in our home as well as our cars.

We’re both believing God for wholeness in our bodies (for normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol levels, healing from signs of arthritis, weight loss and complete healing of my husband’s left knee from arthroscopic surgery), for supernatural favor in our jobs and for financial breakthroughs. That evening, we had the best sleep we have ever had, with such renewed strength and such joy when we woke up the next day.

On Sunday, 5 June, we attended church in the morning and that evening, we took Communion again and watched the DVD on the anointing oil once more. We just cannot get enough of your teachings on the love of Jesus and what His finished work on the cross has accomplished for us.

The next day, on 6 June, we partook of the Communion and applied the anointing oil again. Before going to bed, I checked my blood pressure—it was normal. This morning on 8 June, I checked my blood pressure again and again, it was normal. Also, I no longer felt the tightness and pressure on my shoulder and neck.

I told my husband that God healed me completely of my high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We greatly rejoice in the Lord and continually praise His holy name. No words can express how grateful we are to the Lord for raising you to teach the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ all over the world.

We love you and pray the Lord God continue to richly bless you. We are the beloved son and daughter of God, greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved.

Florida Barron
California, United States