The Chains Are Falling Off

I was saved in 2001 and joined what I later realized was a legalistic church. I would go to this church feeling bad and leave feeling confused, defeated, cursed and condemned.

I was so unhappy and wondered why was I trying to be a Christian when I couldn't live the Christian life. I actually had more faith before I joined the church. I trusted God more then and knew that He loved me.

However, in this church, I was being taught that I wasn't doing enough to please God. I often felt that He was angry with me and I wasn't sure if I was going to heaven.

Last summer, when I was deeply depressed and feeling suicidal, I cried out to God to help me. All I wanted was peace. I watched Christian television non-stop and in doing so, I saw this Asian guy named Joseph Prince. I said to myself, "What can this Chinese man tell me about Jesus?"

Well, God has used Pastor Prince to teach me how much Jesus loves me, that God is not angry with me, that I'm not condemned and that God really wants to bless me! Pastor Prince, I'm so glad that you were obedient to our Father! He has made a way for you to set the captives free.

I record your show every day and I listen to Condemnation Kills when I get in my car. I listen to your podcast on my phone on my way to work and coming home from work. I feel the chains falling off.

May God continue to bless you, enlarge your territory and strengthen you. You are the answer to my cry for help.

Pennsylvania, United States