Three Blessings In 15 Minutes

I thank God and praise His holy name for all the good things that are happening to me.

Recently, I ordered the book Unmerited Favor and some CDs. From the post office straight to my office laptop and about three minutes into playing my first-pick CD sermon, God's Amazing Plan For Restoration, somebody walked in and gave me a bag of foodstuff. As I was wondering about the connection between the CD sermon and the gift, my appeal to rescind a rejected application to a UK body that I have lost hope of success for over two months came in successful via an e mail.

I then proceeded to play the second CD of the same title and guess what? A text message came informing me that an allowance that I had applied for more than six months ago has been approved.

All three blessings happened within 15 minutes of playing the CDs. The Holy Spirit truly worked immediately to confirm the message. Thanks so much.

Gabriel Okontah