Totally Hassle-Free Adoption Of Baby

I submitted a prayer request to Joseph Prince Ministries for my sister regarding an adoption situation. She needed tens of thousands of dollars and had to meet many other requirements in order to adopt again.

Not long after that, a co-worker came to my mother and said that he knew of a girl who was about eight months pregnant with her second child. She was not going to keep the child and was going to give him to a woman who would raise him, but never adopt him, because she wanted the checks the government would give her each month.

The co-worker knew that my sister had adopted before and wondered if she would want to adopt the baby. That night, my mom was talking to me about this and we had a Destined To Reign broadcast program on in the background. After she told me the story and there was a break in the conversation, we heard Joseph say something like, “This year, God will give you a child and you won’t even have to work for it.”

Well, a little over a month later, my sister brought home a beautiful healthy baby boy from the hospital. The social worker helping with the adoption told my sister to go out and buy a lottery ticket because this NEVER happens. Usually, you have to sign up with an agency and wait for years to adopt a healthy baby, paying a minimum of $20,000 to $30,000 for various fees, jump through hoops, and do mounds of paper work with a lot of stress and worry in the process.

My sister didn’t have to do any of that. In fact, all fees connected with the adoption were easily covered in the yearly stipend her work provides for legal fees. A true miracle, he is seven days old now and such a blessing to our family!

Since discovering Joseph Prince and learning about God’s grace, I have had so many answered prayers. My niece, nephew, and his girlfriend have all started going to church and they will all be baptized together in a couple of weeks. My oldest sister’s marriage and my father and stepmother's marriage, which were both on the brink of divorce, have been healed.

I know that this is just the beginning of God’s blessings and favor for my family. Thank you to Joseph Prince and everyone involved with his ministry for bringing the message of God’s grace to me and many others who need it!

Arizona, United States