Quick Recovery After Stroke-like Symptoms for Grandfather

On February 24, 2019, we noticed that my grandpa was taking a longer nap than usual. We called out to him but he didn’t respond, so we went to check if it was alright. At that moment, he started to have difficulty speaking. His speech was not normal, and it was difficult for him to speak. He was unclear with breaks and delays in pronouncing words. He kept repeating the words “can’t speak” to us. We knew instantly that these were symptoms of a stroke, and we had to take him to the emergency center as soon as possible.

While hurrying to pack his necessities, I suddenly remembered one of Pastor Prince’s sermons in which he shared about the amazing power of the holy Communion. He shared about his trip to Israel where he prayed for a lady who was in a coma and who subsequently made a miraculous recovery after receiving the Communion with her husband.

I told my sister to quickly bring the Communion elements over, and we prayed together. It was a very quick prayer. All I remember saying was, “Lord, You know that our faith is very little now. But You said if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can say to a mountain, “Move,” and it will!” After partaking of the Communion, I had peace in my heart as I surrendered everything to the Lord.

As we got into our car, a family member who was overseas called to pray for my grandpa. She prayed for him to be healed immediately and that when we arrived at the hospital, he would be able to speak clearly and be back to normal again.

When we were 5 minutes away from the hospital, my grandpa suddenly said, “Is everyone ready?” He spoke clearly! My grandpa didn’t even realize he was speaking until I told him. We gave praise to our Abba Father and my grandpa kept repeating, “Hallelujah, thank our Lord Jesus!” over and over again.

Because my grandpa had regained his speech faculties and was able to talk with us, we believed he was miraculously healed and decided to turn back and go home. On the way back, my grandpa even sang along to the worship songs we played in the car.

I thank God my plans that day were cancelled so I could be there for my grandpa. This incident also happened when it was my aunt’s only day off from work. What timing because she was the only one among us who could drive.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your amazing messages that have unveiled our real God and Father. May the Lord Jesus bless us with His love. Thank You, Jesus!