True Transformation By Simply Beholding Jesus' Loveliness

I want to thank Joseph Prince Ministries once again (and again, and again)! I continue to see restoration in areas of my life that never seemed to work in the past.

In the past, I've never kept a job longer than a few months. Now, I've been on my job for one and a half years and have received two raises and three bonuses so far! God's favor has caused me to be highly sought after at work, and the CEO commented that I am "fantastic"!

Also, God's favor gave me the opportunity to create the retirement video for our exiting CEO. After it was shown at the retirement party, everyone in attendance gave a standing ovation! This was all by God's GRACE! And I am truly, truly amazed! I'm confident in God's grace more and more in every area of my life!

God even caused my ex-husband to start paying child support. He also gave our children loads of Christmas presents for the very first time, last year!

I am SO grateful to you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings! Every time (daily) I listen to you, you say exactly what I need to hear. And I've shared your teachings with co-workers and friends, and they too are experiencing true transformation by simply BEHOLDING the LOVELINESS of JESUS! THANK YOU!

Renee Barnes
Virginia, United States