Walking in Victory After Receiving the Word with Revelation

Pastor Prince, there was a period in my life where my Bible study time was so lifeless and dry. I would read the Word but couldn’t get much out of it. I started to feel condemned and guilty and stopped reading the Bible for a long time.

During that period, I had started listening to your sermons and was greatly blessed. My Christian life began to make more sense, and I began to be more joyful than before. One day as I was wondering which sermon of yours to watch, the Holy Spirit prompted me to watch an excerpt titled How to Meet Jesus in the Word.

As I began to watch, my heart leaped when you said, “Many people are concerned that they don’t get much out of the Scriptures while others get amazing revelations. This message is for you!” You were talking my heart out, so I watched further.

You explained so beautifully from the story of Ruth, how she was a picture of a new believer who didn’t know much. But she set out to meet Boaz in the fields. Boaz is a picture of the Lord, and the fields represent His Word. The harvesters in the fields were like the teachers of God’s Word.

I realized I am like Ruth, who wants to meet with Jesus in the Scriptures. The key was to glean the teachings of God’s ministers, and I gleaned yours—the message of God’s grace, His love, His righteousness, and much more. I gleaned all these and my heart was full of unexplainable joy. I could feel Jesus every time.

So many things have happened to me since. Addictions have been broken off, and I have started living in the rest of God, walking in victory. I saw miracles happen when I applied some of the revelations I received. Most importantly, there has been a flood of revelations since then. I get revelations even while I am asleep at night. I am so stuck to my Bible, and I can’t explain the overflowing joy and peace!

Wow! I never imagined my life would take such a turn. It’s absolutely effortless! Praise God! I thank Jesus for you and for opening my heart to receive His Word through you.

I am still gleaning happily. All glory to our Lord Jesus!

Monisha Misra