What A Joy To Be In Grace

I am a nurse and I must tell you the good news about one of my patients. He had lived a difficult life in sin despite receiving Christ as a child. As a patient at the hospital I work in, he came in two to three times a month to receive blood transfusions.

Each time, he would bring his Bible and we would share our faith in Christ. We discussed how much we both love and appreciate Pastor Prince's ministry. He spoke at length about the glorious effect of Pastor Prince's sermons on his life and would often bring CDs with him to listen to as he was being treated.

On Thanksgiving day, he was my patient again and showed me that he had just received Pastor Prince's Blessed To Be A Blessing package. We talked about how the teaching of grace had shown him the love of Christ and given him hope beyond measure. The next week, he was with us again and he had a booklet from Pastor Prince with him (that he received in the Blessed To Be A Blessing package).

He told me how "everything was all right" because either Jesus was coming soon or he would be going to be with the Lord. He told me how excited he was because with grace he understood that he did not have to be discouraged or "start over" every time he fell short, but was secure in God's arms of grace.

He said to me, "You can't imagine what GREAT news Pastor Prince's teachings of grace are to me. What a joy to be in grace. I am ready to see Jesus. It is all okay now, after all those years of struggling under the law. I am set free in Christ."

The following week, he passed away. What a blessing that Pastor Prince's teachings brought grace and forgiveness to an intimate, eternal place of his soul. Your teaching brought him a joy and peace that surpassed all that he had ever done or worried about under the law as a Christian. Now, he is with our Lord.

Gail Parrish
North Carolina, United States

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