Happy and Enjoying New Job by His Grace

I sent in a prayer request after an incident at my former workplace. Four staff members and I were suspended for an incident that happened after I followed an order from my supervisor and superior. Prior to the incident, I was troubled in my spirit because the job was taking a lot of my time and family life.

God stepped in miraculously and marvelously. He opened a door for me and provided a new job. My new workplace is closer to home, and I don’t have to drive 3 hours to work anymore. Now I work in the day, Monday to Friday. In my previous job, I had to work day and night shifts.

I am happy, restful, and enjoying my new job. As I rested, the Lord accelerated things for me. I did not do anything to get the job. It is by His grace and unmerited favor. The company saw my CV and liked it. The interview was done online in less than 30 minutes. The Lord’s blessings “maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it” (Prov. 10:22 KJV).

Thank you for your prayers!

Daniel Ginikachi Ochonma
United Kingdom