Wrists And Back Healed After Praying And Taking Communion

My daughter, Nichola, is a trained Chef who has been working for the past four years in top restaurants in London. She has now returned home to live in New Zealand. She has had RSI (repetitive strain injury) in her right wrist for six years, requiring her to strap it up when she works.

I was visiting her about a month ago and shared with her about taking the Holy Communion for healing. She then joined me in taking Communion and I prayed for her wrist to be healed because she had wrenched it the night before when making my bed. Immediately after the prayer, she flexed it and there was no pain. Since then, she has been working full-time, with absolutely no pain. Praise Jesus!

The next morning, we went round to my sister-in-law's place, and I shared with her what we were doing in taking Communion for her husband, who was suffering from untreatable cancer, and for my husband, who was scheduled to have knee replacement surgery. My sister-in-law told us that two days before, a friend had given her a booklet on healing in the Communion. She went and got the booklet—it was Pastor Prince's book, Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion. So she asked if we would join her in taking Communion there and then.

As we were preparing the bread and wine, she asked if I needed prayer for anything. I have suffered from Scoliosis for 50 or more years, and while God has been progressively healing my back for the last three years since I have been listening to Pastor Prince's CDs, there has always been some residual pain there. My sister-in-law prayed for my back, as we also prayed for both our husbands' healing and then we took Communion. From that moment, I have been totally pain free! I now know in my heart that my healing is complete and I am so full of praise and thankfulness to God. He is SO GOOD!

Elle McConnell
New Zealand