Your Grace Teaching Woke Me Up

I work the day shift and get up at 5am. I am NOT a morning person. So to wake myself up, it is my habit to have the TV on as I fix my breakfast and get ready for work.

Last spring, I tuned into the broadcast program, Destined To Reign, for background noise. Soon, you caught my full attention when you started talking about the meaning of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. You said that each had a picture, number and meaning, and I think you said musical tone too.

I was listening to your broadcasts, and the CDs and DVDs I purchased, with my 92-year-old mom. I am a Presbyterian and had been saved for many years. However, my faith taught me that I had to work out my own sanctification and that only my past sins—up to the day I said the salvation prayer—were forgiven. Grace was a concept, not a Person, and as you can imagine, my faith was listless. I dare say that if it were a “patient” on my unit, it would be labeled “DNR” (do not resuscitate).

Your GRACE teaching woke me up and I shared my excitement with Mom as I cared for her. She passed away on February 1, but we had talked about her getting a new body and how exciting it would be in heaven. Her God had become bigger, closer and more personal than ever before. She said that in 92 years, He never let her down.

Sara VanLue
Indiana, United States