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Secured Ideal Job With Good Salary After Making Prayer Request

June 2017, Canada

I had been looking for a job for seven months without success. Shortly after submitting my prayer request to Joseph Prince Ministries, I received five job interviews within the same week!

I have never been “bombarded” with so many job interview requests before. ... Read More

Offered Better-Paying Job After Prayer Request

April 2017, United States

I was losing my job and could not find a new one even though I’d proactively applied to several openings for over a month. Being fifty-seven years old, I was afraid of becoming unemployed. I prayed every day, but to no avail. I felt as if God had not heard my prayers.... Read More

Cleared Of Sepsis, Kidney Stone Successfully Removed

August 2016, United States

A doctor found a stone in my kidney and said it would remain because it would not be able to be passed out through the urinary tract. However, he said it would not pose a problem unless it grew in size.

About a year later, I started experiencing pain. An X-ray showed that ... Read More

Wife Not Retrenched After Prayer

July 2016, South Africa

My wife is the senior administration manager for a company she has been working for in the last ten years. When the company hired a new general manager a few months ago, a decision was made to retrench her. It was a very hard and stressful time for my wife. I could see that ... Read More

Stolen Valuables Returned By Frightened Thief

May 2016, India

One night in August 2014, my brother took my laptop into his room located on the ground floor of our house. He fell asleep without locking the door, allowing a thief to enter the house in the middle of the night.

My laptop, laptop charger, mouse, camera, and my ... Read More

Missing Children Found Safe And Unharmed

May 2016, Nigeria

One day in December last year, a Christian friend called to inform me that her two daughters, aged eight and eleven years old, had been declared missing.

There was serious panic and weeping in her voice as she narrated the ordeal to me. The area she was living in was known ... Read More

Healthy Uterus After Praying And Partaking Of The Holy Communion

May 2016, India

I have been watching Pastor Prince’s messages and was pleasantly surprised that health for me could come through partaking of Jesus’ body in the Holy Communion. 

I had a cyst in my uterus and was told that my endometrium was unusually thick. Mine was about ... Read More

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