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Freed From Sexual Addiction, Enjoying God’s Provision In School

May 2017, Ethiopia

Pastor Prince, I’m a university student who had been struggling with pornography addiction for five years. I tried to break free from it but couldn’t.

One day, my friend, who used to struggle with the same addiction, invited me to watch your television ... Read More

Miraculous Change In Brother’s Life After Prayer

May 2017, United States

When my pastor and his wife introduced me to Pastor Prince’s ministry, I read his book, 100 Days of Favor every day and learned to rest in God’s peace. It’s the most wonderful thing I’d ever experienced.

I also sent a prayer request to Joseph Prince ... Read More

No Longer Struggling With Porn Or Smoking

May 2017, United States

I’d like to share that I’m no longer struggling with pornography and smoking cigarettes. God has delivered me from these addictions without any effort of my own.

Although I receive daily “invitations” to jump back into my old habits, such as ... Read More

16-Year Sexual Addiction Broken After Declaring Righteousness In Christ

May 2017, India

I write this testimony with tears of joy as my sixteen-year addiction to pornography and masturbation has finally been broken after claiming my righteousness in Christ. I’m also no longer plagued by sexual dreams.

Before that, I was so ashamed of myself, my habits, ... Read More

Delivered From Years Of Alcohol Abuse With No Withdrawal Symptoms

April 2017, United States

I lived under the influence of alcohol for over thirty-six years. During that time, I totaled three vehicles and damaged several relationships with my family members and friends. Things got worse in the last ten years and my drinking escalated after I had filed for personal ... Read More

Daughter Freed From Drug Addiction And Restored With Baby

April 2017, United States

When I was a teen, I was baptized and wanted to be a missionary. However, I lost sight of God along the way. I bore a child at the age of twenty-one but my marriage became abusive and I used drugs to escape my troubles. Eventually, I was addicted to drugs and became lost in ... Read More

Delivered From 40-Year Addiction To Alcohol And Cigarettes

April 2017, United States

My wife and I have been blessed listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings. As a result of hearing the message of grace, I have been completely delivered from a forty-year addiction to alcohol and cigarettes without any side effects. Both addictions were gone within a ... Read More

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