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Freed From Pornography, Now Preaching Grace Message

February 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, I used to rob and steal—even from my own mother—in order to sustain a seventeen-year drug addiction. As a result, I was in and out of prison. I also had a twenty-six-year smoking habit and would smoke two to three packs a day.

In 1987, God ... Read More

Freed Of 25-Year Smoking Addiction, Healed Of Pneumonia And Tuberculosis

February 2017, Indonesia

I have been watching Pastor Prince’s sermons and reading his daily devotionals every day. Last year, a chest X-ray revealed that I had pneumonia and tuberculosis.  The doctor advised me to consult with a lung specialist. The doctor’s report made me so ... Read More

Couple Freed Of Alcohol And Cigarette Addictions

January 2017, United States

I used to be addicted to alcohol and cigarettes for many years, and believed that giving them up would mean a secluded and solitary lifestyle. Finally, I decided to surrender my addictions to the Lord and told Him I could not break it on my own. Somehow, I knew He was able ... Read More

Delivered From Destructive Lifestyle, Enjoying God’s Peace And Love

January 2017, United States

I grew up in a Christian household but I felt nothing for the Lord. Besides having frequent conflicts with my mother, I also had a distant relationship with my father. As such, I didn’t understand how God could be a father figure to me, much less someone whom I could ... Read More

Set Free From Pornography, Enjoying Wonderful Relationship With God

December 2016, Norway

Pastor Prince, I’m twenty-three years old and have been a Christian my whole life. However, I struggled with a pornography addiction since I was thirteen. Whenever I viewed pornography, I would cry and tell God that I was sorry and would not do it again. Although I ... Read More

No More Drinking And Depression

December 2016, United States

For many years, I struggled with alcohol addiction and depression that bound me in every area of my life. Despite being a Christian, I found it difficult to communicate with the Lord and constantly had thoughts to turn to alcohol to feel at ease.

Eventually, I cried out to ... Read More

Experiencing Victory Over Sinful Thoughts

December 2016, United States

I had been attending church all my life, but did not know about the grace of God.

I used to think that God was always waiting to “whack” me into guilt, submission, and repentance the moment I had a bad thought or had done a bad deed. Instead of approaching Him ... Read More

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