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Blessed With New Home, Gifts, And Meaningful Job

May 2017, United States

I’ve been attending Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, Texas, for a year and have been blessed by Pastor Prince’s teachings on possessing our possessions in Christ. In 2016, I had the opportunity to possess my possessions in a very powerful way!

I was given ... Read More

Offered Better-Paying Job After Prayer Request

April 2017, United States

I was losing my job and could not find a new one even though I’d proactively applied to several openings for over a month. Being fifty-seven years old, I was afraid of becoming unemployed. I prayed every day, but to no avail. I felt as if God had not heard my prayers.... Read More

Restored With New Job, Reconciled With Family

April 2017, United States

When I was nineteen, I had three jobs but always felt financially insecure. I also suffered low self-esteem after someone important told me that no one would want to marry me and I would always remain a social outcast.

When I grew older, I left home and was swindled into ... Read More

Challenging KPI Achieved Effortlessly By God’s Grace

March 2017, Kenya

At my workplace, we have annual reviews based on targets set at the start of each year. These reviews serve as key performance indicators (KPIs) for every staff in the company.

One of my KPIs this year was to secure ten million in client savings. This seemed beyond reach ... Read More

Offered Competitive Position Despite Missing Phone Interview

March 2017, United States

I heard Pastor Prince preach that life’s successes are all about Jesus—to glorify Him and point people to Him. As we remember this, we can truly depend on His grace instead of our perfect performance for blessings.

I decided to practice this when applying for a ... Read More

Found Employment After Prayer, Hopeless Situation Turned Around

March 2017, United States

Last year, I was unjustly fired from a job and had difficulty finding employment thereafter. A week after I lost my job, my car engine locked up and I was unable to get it to start. In addition, I had little savings after helping my mother to move. I felt so hopeless.

I ... Read More

Achieved Significant Milestone At Work After Confessing Deuteronomy 28:4

February 2017, United States

I work in the nonprofit sector in the United States and had been in supporting roles for five years. Early this year, God blessed me with a frontline position that involves securing major charitable gifts from philanthropists. However, eight months on, I still had not ... Read More

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