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Achieved Significant Milestone At Work After Confessing Deuteronomy 28:4

February 2017, United States

I work in the nonprofit sector in the United States and had been in supporting roles for five years. Early this year, God blessed me with a frontline position that involves securing major charitable gifts from philanthropists. However, eight months on, I still had not ... Read More

Finances Improved After Finding Courage In The Lord To Make Career Change

February 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, I first heard you preach in 2006 and I have read your book, The Power of Right Believing.

As a grandson of two preachers, I was brought up to be “good” and “nice.” I did not understand the grace of God nor my inheritance in Christ. As ... Read More

Blessed With Better Job, Offered Prominent Position In MNC

February 2017, Canada

Pastor Prince, I went to Canada for my Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in 2014. My brother gave me a collection of your sermons, which helped me survive the intensive program and rescued me from a series of panic attacks. By God’s grace, I secured one ... Read More

Offered Flexible And Better-Paying Job After Praying In Tongues

January 2017, United States

I had been working in the same field for ten years and wanted to do something different. I got into a master’s degree program, graduated two years later, and began looking for a new job. Despite submitting several applications, I remained unsuccessful and stayed in my ... Read More

Experiencing God’s Favor In Career And Business

January 2017, Uganda

Pastor Prince, I am a twenty-six-year-old who lived the last few years with no regard for God. I spent all my time in nightclubs and bars, and was homeless and jobless for almost a year.

One day, the Lord reached out to me and I began to seek Him. But I struggled in my ... Read More

No More On Schizophrenia Medication Nor Struggling Financially

January 2017, Malaysia

Pastor Prince, I had been suffering from schizophrenia for at least eight years. When I was first diagnosed with this illness, my mom, who is a non-believer, taught me chanting to try to alleviate its symptoms. I also sought help from doctors and took medication, but ... Read More

Received Job Offer Two Weeks After Prayer

January 2017, Romania

I was unemployed for about three years after my second boy was born. While listening to Pastor Prince preach about asking God for not just a job but a position, I finally had the courage and faith to do so. I prayed, “Position me, Lord.”

I also invited God to ... Read More

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