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No Longer Failing Exams, Overcame Fear Of Public Speaking

July 2017, India

Although I’ve been a Christian from a young age, I didn’t know much about the Bible. I drifted from my faith and got into many bad habits. I even dabbled in occult practices. When my life fell apart some time later, I developed depression and anxiety.

During ... Read More

No Longer Addicted To Pornographic Books, Received Generous Bursary

June 2017, South Africa

I grew up in a Christian family and accepted Jesus in my ninth grade. However, I only knew God as an angry God who was always on the lookout to punish people for their sins. As a result, I constantly feared His judgment and believed my sins would catch up with me one day. I ... Read More

Freed From Sexual Addiction, Enjoying God’s Provision In School

May 2017, Ethiopia

Pastor Prince, I’m a university student who had been struggling with pornography addiction for five years. I tried to break free from it but couldn’t.

One day, my friend, who used to struggle with the same addiction, invited me to watch your television ... Read More

Received Good GPA And Best Performance Awards

May 2017, Singapore

In secondary school (high school) in Singapore, I was just an average student. When I entered a polytechnic institute, I made a huge mistake by enrolling in a course that I was not passionate about. I regretted my decision deeply, cried every day, and beat myself up for ... Read More

Offered Dream Course In Prestigious University

April 2017, Australia

I am a seventeen-year-old who received Christ at a very young age. Growing up, I always thought I had to earn God’s approval through my self-efforts.

When my mom introduced me to Pastor Prince’s sermons, I gradually found myself listening to them every day and ... Read More

Passed Exam After Declaring God’s Word

March 2017, India

Over a year ago, a few colleagues and I were selected to sit for an international certification examination. Although we did our best, none of us passed. I reapplied to retake the exam. However, there was no material available to study for this particular exam. In addition, ... Read More

Hearing The Gospel Brings Breakthroughs and Positive Change

January 2017, Kenya

My faith in the Lord has greatly increased since I started listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings. I’ve seen breakthroughs and positive changes in my life while listening to him on a frequent basis.

I now desire a closer relationship with my heavenly Father and ... Read More

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