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Persistent Knee Pain All Gone

July 2017, United States

I fell very sick with fever, sore throat, and congestion for a month. I couldn’t talk and could barely get out of bed. I hadn’t partaken of the Holy Communion in years because I was taught not to take it if I had sinned and had not asked God for forgiveness.

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Healed Of Severe Eczema, Skin Looks New

June 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, until recently, I’ve had eczema. It started when I was a kid and it caused me to cry in agony many times. It was so severe my skin would itch constantly and break out in sores. Dry skin would even flake off and get into my eyes. It was a source of ... Read More

Pancreatic Cyst Shrank In Two Months, Surgery Canceled

June 2017, Singapore

A few months ago, my doctor found a 29mm cyst at the head of my pancreas. It was quite large and not in a good position. He recommended surgery if the cyst grew larger than 30mm. 

As my condition was beyond his expertisehe arranged for me to ... Read More

Life Transformed After Learning About Grace, Gave Birth To Healthy Baby

June 2017, China

In 2006, I contracted systemic lupus erythematosus (a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissues). I had to be under medication to suppress the symptoms and the process to control the outbreaks of the disease over the years was very painful.  

I came from ... Read More

Irregular Growth On Face Disappeared After Confessing God’s Word

June 2017, United States

For several years, I had a growth on my face that concerned me. It first looked like an ordinary freckle or mole, but began to grow into an irregular shape and became raised. The thought of skin cancer was at the back of my mind.

I began to embrace teachings from preachers ... Read More

Spots On Daughter’s Body Disappeared, Skin Healed After Receiving Communion

June 2017, Jamaica

My ten-year-old daughter had some light spots and rashes on her body. They looked like liver spots. Despite treatment and using numerous medications, there was no improvement.

We began to partake of the Holy Communion, discerning Jesus’ beaten body and shed blood at ... Read More

No More Hives And Rash After Receiving Communion

May 2017, United States

I was suffering from hives and a rash all over my body. It was painful whenever I scratched and I could not sleep for several days. I went to two different doctors who told me I was suffering from an allergic reaction that may have been triggered by something I ate or ... Read More

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