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Healed Of Back Pain, Experiencing Success In Business, No Longer In Financial Lack

March 2017, United States

I used to suffer from lower back pain some years ago. I could barely bend forward to tie my shoelaces and I even had to hold my sneezes in to contain the pain. At that time, I had also gone through a divorce and was in financial lack. I felt like I was in a deep pit of ... Read More

Church Members Experienced Healing After Partaking Holy Communion

March 2017, Kenya

Pastor Prince, I heard you preach on the radio a while ago. You shared a testimony about your trip to Israel some years ago where one of your church members had fallen ill and had to be hospitalized.

You said that you and your pastors went to the hospital and partook of ... Read More

Healed Of Two-Year-Old Skin Irritation After Simple Prayer

March 2017, Australia

In my previous job, I built outdoor sheds under the hot sun. One day, the skin beside my nose got badly sunburned because of a chip in my safety sunglasses. This left a brown mark about the size of a fingernail. Whenever the weather got warm, the mark would become red and ... Read More

Son Healed Of Scoliosis, 17-Degree Curve In Spine Straightened

March 2017, United States

My youngest son was diagnosed with scoliosis when his X-ray showed a seventeen-degree curve in his spine. Upon receiving the news, fear, doubt, anger, sadness, worry, and condemnation began to set in our hearts. We were also concerned about potential disabilities and ... Read More

No More Abnormal Mammogram Results After Praying In Tongues

March 2017, United States

A couple of months ago, I had my first mammogram. I was called back for a follow-up appointment because the doctor had found something irregular.

During the follow-up appointment, new images were taken, as well as an ultrasound. When the nurse left me in a waiting room for ... Read More

Experienced Emotional Healing, Freed From Addictions, Living Debt-Free

February 2017, United States

One morning, as I was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon about Isaiah 54:17 in my car, God began to reveal to me that I had been preoccupied with people who judged me instead of His gift of righteousness through grace. He also showed me that all things would work out ... Read More

Healed Of Ear Pain After Partaking Communion

February 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, I have been listening to your teachings for years now. If not for your sermons, I would not have known about the healing power of God available through the partaking of the Holy Communion.

When I started working in a company during the dry season, I was ... Read More

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