1.5cm Mole On Scalp Fell Off Supernaturally

In December 2015, a brown patch appeared on my scalp and developed into a black mole about 1.5cm in diameter. I was determined to go to “Doctor Jesus”—my Lord and healer—as I felt that seeing a natural doctor would mean painful procedures such as a biopsy, surgery, or even chemotherapy if the mole was cancerous. I also did not want to lose hair through these procedures.

I did not know what to do except to ask the Lord to remove the mole supernaturally. I also remembered Pastor Prince sharing in one of his messages about how a bothersome mole on his neck fell off after he spoke to it.

As such, I commanded the mole to dry up from its roots, partook of the Holy Communion every day, and claimed my healing in faith. I also stood on Mark 11:22–24, which says if I tell the mountain (in this case, the mole) to be removed and don’t doubt in my heart that it will be removed, I will have what I say.

Month after month, the ugly mole remained but I would continue to proclaim its supernatural removal each time I saw it in the mirror. Sometimes, the mole would cause a painful sensation, but I would continue to stand on the Word of God and refuse to let it bother me. The Holy Spirit also reassured within me that the mole would not do me any harm.

On May 25, 2016, I felt something in my hair and found that two-thirds of the mole had come off. I knew the remaining part would fall out in a matter of time. The next day, while combing my hair, the rest of the mole fell out completely! Only Jesus could have removed a mole as big as a ten-cent coin without surgery. Nothing is impossible with Him and I give Him praise every day.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for all your teachings. May God bless you richly.