65-Year-Old Dad Recovered from COVID-19

My dad was diagnosed with COVID-19, and his symptoms went from mild to severe. He is more than 65 years old and has underlying medical conditions. Initially, we did not want to go to the hospital, hoping he would get better on his own. But as his symptoms worsened, my sister and I prayed for wisdom and sent him to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctors put many tubes in him. He was also given supplemental oxygen as his oxygen level was low at about 64 percent. The doctors gave us a grim prognosis every time they called us (we weren’t able to be with our dad in the hospital).

We decided to partake of the holy Communion for him. I also went on YouTube to listen to Pastor Prince’s teachings that mentioned COVID-19. I personalized the prayer for my dad and continued partaking of the Communion every day.

My dad is now back home, healthy, and free of COVID-19! Hallelujah, thank You, Jesus!

Maryland, United States