Accelerated Recovery from Breast Cancer, Now Cancer-free

In late 2018, my mom had a biopsy done on a lump in her left breast. The biopsy confirmed the lump to be cancerous. A further body scan also confirmed that the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes.

The oncologist planned for 7 rounds of chemotherapy, followed by either a lumpectomy (excision of the lump) or mastectomy (excision of the whole breast). However, we knew the most critical thing to do was to receive from the One who according to the Bible, would never disappoint. From the day of the diagnosis, my family began receiving of the holy Communion daily.

In January 2019, I got a copy of the Vision Sunday sermon. When I heard that the theme of the year was the Year of the Latter Rain, I was ecstatic! It was going to be the year that God profusely showers us with the latter rain that we may gather our grain, wine, and oil. What perfectly timely good news it was!

I immediately shared this with my family and our faith was further strengthened. We stood together in faith and in agreement that by Jesus’ broken body, my mom would receive complete healing for her breast cancer.

After the 7 rounds of chemotherapy, my mom opted for the lumpectomy. The surgeon excised the lump, which had shrunk considerably, along with a millimeter of extra tissue surrounding the lump. The surgeon also excised a lymph node. All tissue samples were sent to the lab.

A couple of days later, we received the results and they showed that the lump, including the surrounding tissue and the lymph node, were completely cancer-free!

After the surgery, my mom was scheduled to go through a year of maintenance therapy. During her latest visit, her oncologist was pleased with how well my mom has been doing and said my mom could actually finish this treatment 6 months earlier than planned!

We thank our Savior, the Lord Jesus, for His perfect sacrifice on the cross that has qualified us to freely receive all of the Father’s blessings. Daddy God has been good and faithful to us!

Hansel Tj
California, United States