Accelerated Restoration After Losing Job

Pastor Prince, last year has been a year of rest and acceleration. In the month of March, I achieved my budgeted sales target and way surpassed it in August. All glory to God. I was just doing my job with no strife and pressure.

However, things took a turn—I received news that I would be let go at the end of September. The company said they did not need 2 sales personnel in Singapore. I was unhappy the company treated me this way when I was the top sales performer in the group. My concern was my monthly expenses and how fast I could land the next job. All these thoughts started to fill my mind.

I decided not to worry, believing that God must have a hand in this. At 53, I knew it would not be easy looking for another job, but I chose to trust God that His plans for me were good and perfect.

While on my gardening leave, I started to contact companies overseas with similar product offerings. Within 2 weeks, two companies offered me the opportunity to distribute their equipment and accessories. I started marketing both products to all my customers.

Due to an incident in a shipyard, the management made a decision that allowed me to make some in-roads to begin the supply of the equipment. By December, the profit from the sales of this equipment had way surpassed my annual income in my previous company. All this happened within 3 months! This is an acceleration from God. Also, I experienced rest as there was no strife in securing distributorship nor the big sales of the equipment. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing God’s word.


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