Received Job Offer despite Lack of Experience

Five years ago, God opened a door of opportunity for me to work in an accounting public practice as my first job. I had favor with my colleagues and got to learn from different superiors. But I found that I was better suited to be a corporate accountant focusing on accounting and process analysis.

I enrolled in relevant corporate accounting courses, but still did not have the relevant experience to be a corporate accountant. In my heart, I wanted God to open another door of opportunity for me so that I could be blessed with such a position and be a blessing to the company.

I applied for corporate accounting jobs and went for my first interview. After the interview, I was asked to wait a few days for the result. During this time, I was very nervous, as I really wanted the job. I liked the friendly and approachable management team and of all the companies I wrote to, this was the only one that responded.

One day, I became really desperate. I told the Lord that if He did not open the door for me, I would not know how to get into the corporate accountant role. I submitted my prayer request to Joseph Prince Ministries and received an email from them with Bible verses that were very encouraging. The verses gave me hope and encouraged me to look to God for my breakthrough. Around one hour later, I received a phone call from the company asking me to come for the second interview.

In short, I passed the interviews with flying colors. I found favor with the management team and received a job offer. The job scope allows me to be fully exposed to different areas of the business and to get to know its ins and outs. I am relying on God’s hesed wisdom to produce good results in my work.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your loving-kindness and tender mercies in my life. Thank you, Pastor Prince, and the prayer team, for sharing God’s Word faithfully and encouraging me to look to our Lord Jesus.