Received Job with Higher Salary During COVID-19 Crisis

I’m an American who came to Singapore to work in a startup early last year. I was not a believer at that time and had not heard anything about the gospel of grace. This all changed when I met a Singaporean girl who was serving in New Creation Church [in Singapore].

She invited me to service one day and the moment I walked in and heard the first chords of worship music, I felt like crying. I couldn’t explain it but in that moment, I felt God reaching out to me for the first time. I received Christ Jesus into my heart, and my life has never been the same.

I would listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons every day and my relationship with Jesus kept growing deeper. The gospel of grace corrected so many misunderstandings I had of Jesus and reassured me of His love for me again and again.

Toward the end of last year, my startup went on hiatus so I began looking for a new job back in America. This job search went on for a few months. Although there were jobs that seemed promising, the COVID-19 situation caused many companies to freeze hiring. If I were my old self, I would have been very worried about not finding a job in such turbulent times.

However, I continued to tithe, listen to sermons, pray in tongues, partake of the holy Communion, and meditate on John 14:27. There was unexplainable peace in the midst of the storm, and I knew He would provide.

Before long, I received an offer for a job in a thriving tech startup based in America that’s the biggest player in its space. I prayed for the Lord’s wisdom and favor and negotiated for a higher pay package. Eventually, the salary offered to me was 4 times what I was earning previously! Praise the Lord, He is faithful! I knew it could only be the Lord who made a way for me in this time of famine.

His goodness did not stop there. That beautiful Singaporean girl who brought me to New Creation Church eventually became my girlfriend, and we just got engaged! Even though the world seems to be at its darkest, I am excited for the new beginnings in my life and cannot wait to build a family with Jesus in the center.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace. I am so blessed that God brought me to Singapore to encounter Jesus and learn about His truths. Just like how the Israelites walked out of Egypt with silver and gold and none feeble, so will we as God’s children come out of COVID-19 stronger and more glorious.

Hallelujah, thank You, Jesus!

Pratyush Buddiga
California, United States