Allergy Stopped After Partaking of Communion

Some time ago, I discovered black mold in my house so I cleaned and did all I could to get rid of it. In the process, my allergies flared up and I began to get fearful and worried because of the deadly properties of the mold.

So God reminded me, ever so sweetly, that I can partake of the Communion. I remembered that I had made red Kool-Aid the day before! So I grabbed some bread and some Kool-Aid and I received Communion using the small booklet that Joseph Prince Ministries sent me for the gift of any amount.

I had been sneezing all day and my nose had been runny all day. Immediately after I took the bread, my runny nose stopped . I began to feel better and felt the sun shining brighter through the window.

When I was done, I went to lie down. As I was falling asleep, I sneezed only once. When I woke up, my nose still felt a bit stuffy but it was no longer runny and I was no longer sneezing. By the next morning, I was completely healed with no more symptoms!

Praise God! And thank you so much, Joseph, for preaching the truth on Communion!

Georgia, United States