Baby Relieved of High Temperature Shortly after Partaking Holy Communion

During my pregnancy in Nigeria, I always looked forward to partaking of the holy Communion. I believe it was the best supplement for my unborn baby and me.

After my son was born, when he was about 9 months old, I began to worry about his health. I allowed what I had heard about measles and other sicknesses affecting unvaccinated babies to grip my heart. I even anticipated my baby to fall ill.

In the end, my son started to have the worst temperature ever and I almost could not hold him. His eyes were shut and I could not feel him breathing. I knew that if I waited any longer, the fever could be deadly.

Our home was far away from the hospital and it’s difficult to get an ambulance in my country. In such an emergency, I only knew one name to call—Abba! So I took hold of some biscuits and a cup of water and went on my knees. Then all I could say was, “Lord, take it from here.”

With my eyes closed, I remembered the Lord’s finished work on the cross and saw His nail-pierced hands carrying my son. Then I worshiped the Lord.

A short while later, I carried my son and realized his temperature had gone down! He felt cooler to the touch and his eyes were open. He even had a beautiful smile on his face. Jesus did it!

May God bless you, Pastor Prince, for sharing the gospel.

Oluwabunmi Onifade
United Kingdom