Back Pain Healed During Online Service

I was watching New Creation Church’s online service when at the end, Pastor Prince prayed for those with lower back pain. I had been suffering from lower back pain since I was 12 years old. The pain would come and go and make my back feel stiff.

While he was praying, I thought to myself, What are the odds that he is referring to me? There were so many people with backaches, it could be anyone! I considered it to be more of a coincidence than the Lord.

At that moment, Pastor Prince turned around and touched his back to illustrate where the pain was at. He touched the exact spot where my pain was and I knew it was too accurate to be a coincidence.

Immediately, I stood up to receive my healing. As I stood up, my back began to feel very light and the stiffness was gone! It felt like water gushed through my back. Jesus had healed me and there was no more pain!

It has been some time since I was healed and my back feels restored and renewed. There were so many thoughts that went through my mind and I had no faith to be healed. But God looked at Jesus and I was healed because of Jesus’ faithfulness and perfect thoughts, not mine!

I thank the Lord for blessing me through Pastor Prince’s messages. All glory to God!

Trinidad and Tobago