Healed of Shoulder Pain During Ministering

I have had a left shoulder pain for about a year. Although I had been doing stretching exercises, the pain did not go away.

Nevertheless, I kept meditating on God's word, partaking of the Communion, and declaring that I would see a manifestation of my healing.

When the pain refused to go, I started to consider visiting a specialist and even made plans to do so. One day, I was listening to Pastor Prince’s sermon, Keys to Good Success, and was greatly encouraged by it. Towards the end of the sermon, Pastor Prince started praying for people with shoulder pain. By faith, I raised my left arm even though the pain was still there.

Then, during the closing prayer, Pastor Prince asked everyone to raise their hands again. When I lifted up my arms, I realized that the pain in my left shoulder was gone!

I started moving my arm around to check if there was any pain and praise the Lord, I was completely healed!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for faithfully sharing the Word with us. Glory to Jesus!