Blessed Tremendously in Career Life

I started listening to Pastor Joseph Prince’s sermons in 2011. As I grew up with legalistic teachings, it took a while for me to fully understand that God’s love is unconditional.

I had been looking for a job that matched my educational qualifications for 8 years, but could never find a job in which I felt truly fulfilled.

One day, I prayed and asked God to change my story as I knew I was supposed to be doing more and having enough to bless others as well.

The next year, I started a business that God blessed tremendously.

In the following year, we recorded almost a quarter of a million dollars in sales! I even had to hire a few more people.

God has superseded my expectations by causing me to go from being underemployed to being an employer! Now I am in a position to bless others around me. I am eternally grateful to Jesus.

Renee Humphrey
Georgia, United States