Received Dream Job Offer During COVID-19

I grew up believing I needed to do good things to please a deity in order to earn blessings. It was through Joseph Prince’s ministry that I learned about the grace of God. The theme of the year that Pastor Prince received for his church—the year of time and space—has been very encouraging for me and my wife.

I’d been feeling stuck in my current job for 4 years and wanted to switch jobs because of the lack of growth. My wife had just graduated and was looking for a job as well. This happened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and right before my visa was due to expire. If we weren’t able find jobs, we would have had to leave the country under unsafe circumstances and with a lot of debt.

I had been going for interviews and getting rejected since the beginning of the year. I felt depressed that nothing seemed to be changing and tried to keep going and to have faith.

When I watched one of Pastor Prince’s sermons on speaking out our faith, I started practicing that. I began to declare that just one touch of the Lord’s favor can catapult me to the top, and that He can make up for any time I’d lost. For the first time in my life, I was praising God before receiving my breakthrough.

Right before my visa was about to expire, I received a job offer from my dream company! They offered me more than double my previous pay. The Lord even used an interview I had with another company 3 days earlier to refine my answer for the exact same interview question for this offered job.

I’ve seen God fight my battles and He’s done it once again. We are believing that He will do it for my wife too. Praise the Lord!

Amulya Sharma
Utah, United States