Blessed with Baby and Easy Delivery

I received an email from your ministry that reminded me of the day I was watching a short video clip Worship with the Psalms of David and See Good Days by Pastor Prince.

I used to watch it whenever I was feeling down, but on that day, when I watched it, I confessed and received the anointing for those believing the Lord for a baby. I wrote down in my book, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I receive the baby from God. No stressful delivery. A blessed baby in Jesus’ name. We are blessed parents in Jesus’ name.” I confessed it and prayed. I felt peace.

God is so good. I got pregnant about 3 months later. I didn’t know I was pregnant in the beginning. I told my mom and mother-in-law what was going on with me, and they told me I was pregnant. But I still couldn’t believe it. I was a bit anxious and waited another month till the doctor confirmed I was pregnant. No one believed I could have a baby. That’s why I initially had doubts and didn’t share the news with many of my relatives and friends.

I had a very easy and stress-free delivery. A nurse, a midwife, and my husband were with me in the delivery room. I kept saying God is good, hallelujah! We were talking, laughing, and excitedly waiting for the baby to be delivered. Everything went well. Praise God!

Later I read my book again and saw the note I had written. God heard my prayer. He gave me a very blessed baby. I give all the glory to God!

Van Tha Chin Par Crockett
New Mexico, United States