Restored with Baby After Multiple Miscarriages

In October 2017, I lost my faith after suffering a series of miscarriages, losing a singleton and a set of twins. I had also lost a baby at 40 weeks of pregnancy in 2013. I have 2 daughters, both of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

I couldn’t understand why God was obviously blessing others and not me. I cried, prayed, pleaded, and cajoled for healing for my daughters and to have another baby. But I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, so I decided to give up on God. But He didn’t give up on me.

During a night shift in December 2017, I finished my duties and there was nothing to do. I was absolutely bored flipping through television channels when I decided to listen to Pastor Prince’s program only because he was dressed differently from the others. By the time I heard his fourth sentence, I was completely hooked and bowled over. I had never heard the gospel of grace preached and the Bible expounded on like that before. So many things in the Bible started to make sense to me, such as being the righteousness of God in Christ and having no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

I raced home to listen to more of Pastor Prince’s teachings on his YouTube channel and website—I couldn’t get enough. After listening to his sermons, I realized I was trying to be blessed through my own efforts when all I had to do was believe.

Within 4 months of actively listening to and rejoicing in the Word, I got a new job. The Lord also dissipated a breast cancer scar, and I became pregnant with my third daughter who was born on Christmas Eve 2018. As I delved into the Word and spent time in it, all my prayer requests were answered.

I believe my 2 daughters have been healed of autism as I wait for their complete healing manifestation. My second daughter’s progress has been absolutely mind-blowing. She went from speaking only 3 words in a sentence to having conversations in 8 months! My eldest daughter is still non-verbal, but she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and is now considerate of others. I still confess every day that they are the righteousness of God in Christ and as Jesus is, so are they in this world. I am no longer anxious for their healing as I used to be.

My third daughter is such a chatterbox, kind, and loves her sisters. Every time Pastor Prince’s sermons come on, she says, “Mummy, hallelujah!”

Thank You, Jesus, for Your gospel of grace.

Uche Nwauzu

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